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Chevy Blazer K5 front driveshaft: 1310 series CV x slip/spline 1310 series u-joint. This is style driveshaft is found on the front of K5 Blazers with a 205 transfer case that has bolted on yokes front and rear. (NOT for the flat flange style front output)

This driveshaft utilizes all 1310 series u-joints like the factory setup. If you have swapped the front diff to a D44 or D60 you will probably want to go with one of our " 1350 Series Flange CV to U-Joint with Slip and Spline 2" " driveshafts so you can have a full 1350 series driveshaft.  


Built using the best components on the market:

Neapco solid-cross sealed u-joints 

Forged slip yoke

Drop-forged CV H-yoke 

Drop forged ball-stud yoke

USA made 2" x .120" seamless DOM tubing


Add new CV head bolts+lock washers $10

Add new front pinion yoke u-joint hardware $12 (must confirm if it is strap+bolt or u-bolt style hardware)


*For long travel suspensions, reverse and/or drop shackle setups you will want to take a measurement at ride height AND at full droop. If you can get the suspension to bump that would be a great as well. 

If you require a slip and spline setup that utilized more than 3.75" of total travel, you will need to upgrade to our 6" usable long-travel slip and spline for $45. 


If you cannot find the options you are looking for, please do not hesitate to email or call us!

Chevy K5 Blazer Front Driveshaft: 1310 Double Cardan CV

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