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Our WEEKEND WARRIOR 3.5" diameter 1350 FLANGED CV with slip and spline to flange custom driveshafts are built using a carefully curated selction of parts to give you the best quality while keeping budget in mind. As always, these shafts are made to order by our expert team right here in the 'ol USA. Each shaft is hand built, heat straightened, and high-speed balanced to make sure that you have a smooth ride through the whole power band. 

Each shaft is built with Neapco Gold solid-cross u-joints. 


As always, if you can't find what you need, shoot us an email or call. It would be overwhealming to list every possible combination, so we stuck with the most common stuff.


Please follow our measurement guides in the product photos for this shaft!






This driveshaft is available with the following transfercase flange options:

Option 1: 2.00" Pilot 4.25"Bolt Circle (Common pattern on Atlas, aftermarket 205 , some aftermarket JK flanges, and Ford transfercases)

Option 2: 2.688" Pilot 4.25" Bolt Circle (found on Ford rear transfercase flange)

Option 3: 3.125" Pilot 4.25" Bolt Circle (front output flange on Chevy 203/205, Dodge Ram 2500/3500 front output flange, some aftermarket JK flanges)


This shaft is available with the following pinion flanges:

Flange 1: 2" Pilot 4.25" Bolt Circle 1310 Series (Ford 8.8 Explorer and Ranger, Common on Atlas, 205, and Ford transfer cases)

Flange 2: 2" Pilot 4.25" Bolt Circle 1350 Series (Ford 8.8 Explorer and Ranger, Common on Atlas, 205, and Ford transfer cases)

Flange 3: 2" Pilot 3.5" Bolt Circle 1310 Series (Ford 8.8 Fox Body)

Flange 4: 2" Pilot 3.5" Bolt Circle 1330 Series (Ford 8.8 Fox Body) 

Flange 5: 2.37" Pilot 3.12" Bolt Circle 1310 Series 

Flange 6: 2.953" Pilot 4.75" Bolt Circle 1350 Series (2015+ Ford Mustang automatic transmission, Ford rear differential flange)

Flange 7: 2.161" Pilot 3.938" Bolt Circle 1330 Series(Dodge)

Flange 8: 1.967" Pilot 3.2" Bolt Circle 1310 Series (Nissan)

Flange 9: 1.81" Pilot 3.34" Bolt Circle rectangular 1310 Series (Toyota)

Flange 10: 1.81" Pilot 3.34" Bolt Circle square 1310 Series (Toyota)

Flange 11: 1.81" Pilot 3.07" Bolt Circle square pattern 1310 Series (Solid axle Toyota cars)

Flange 12: 2.75" Pilot 3.75" Bolt Circle 1310 Series (Same as 3-2-119 but 1310 series)

Flange 13: 2.75" Pilot 3.75" Bolt Circle 1350 Series (3-2-119)


More flanges are available, but come at additional cost. Reach out to us and we'll get you going!

1350 Flange CV to Flange with Slip and Spline 3.5" Driveshaft

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