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A Full Torque Driveshafts, Inc. 3.5" aluminum driveshaft will offer your vehicle improved performance over a steel shaft. There are 3 main benefits that a 3.5" aluminum driveshaft can offer: 

1) Weight savings when compared to a steel driveshaft. Less rotating mass.  

2) Higher critical speed ratings compared to a steel driveshaft. Very important for top speed in racing applications.

3) The ability to make longer driveshafts than steel is capable of. Useful in converting from a  2-piece driveshaft to a 1-piece. Bye bye carrier bearing!


Made using drawn seamless 6061-T6 driveline specific aluminum tubing, Neapco Gold Series solid-cross u-joints, and your choice of transmission slip yoke. As always, our custom driveshafts are built to order and high-speed balanced.

If you are pushing some serious HP and/or racing your vehicle, you may want to take a look at our HP version of this shaft:

3.5"x.125" High-Performace Aluminum Driveshaft w/Sonnax Chromoly Slip Yoke


**DO NOT ORDER if your measurement is over 73 in. **

Free Shipping!


This driveshaft is available with the following slip yokes options:

2-3-6081X: 27 Spline 1310 Series (T350,700R,200R,4L60,T-56)

3R-3-6081X: 27 Spline 3R Series (T350,700R,200R,4L60,T-56)

3-3-6081X: 27 Spline 1350 Series (T350,700R,200R,4L60,T-56)

2-3-12051X: 27 Spline 1330 Series (4L60E,4L65E,4L70E,4L75E)

3-3-4281X: 27 Spline 1350 Series (4L60E,4L65E,4L70E,4L75E)

2-3-8251XS: 28 Spline 1310 Series (C4,AOD, T5)

2-3-5981X: 28 Spline 1330 Series (C4,AOD, T5)

2903-30: 30 Spline 7290 Series (727 TorqueFlight) +$20

2-3-6041X: 31 Spline 1330 Series (C6,FMX,Tremec TKO/TKX)

3503-314: 31 Spline 1350 Series (C6,FMX,Tremec TKO/TKX) +$28

3-3-2431X: 32 Spline 1310 Series (T400 *DOES NOT FIT T400 with threaded output shaft)

3-3-2431CB: 32 Spline 1350 Series (FITS threaded output shaft T400, 4L80E,6L80E)

3-3-5571X: 32 Spline 1350 Series (Non-threaded output shaft only: 4L80E,4L85E, 6L80E)

40021420: 32 Spline 1350 Series (NP 205, 208, 241, 243, 246, 261, 263) +$48


This driveshaft is available with the following rear u-joint series:


1310 Large Cup



1330 Large Cup




3.5" Aluminum Driveshaft: Transmission Slip Yoke To U-Joint

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