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Our 4" aluminum driveshafts will save you a good bit of weight over a steel shaft, while mainting very high strength ratings and critical speeds. Often used to replace 2-piece shafts with a 1-piece to get away from carrier bearing issues, or for applications that require extra strength and critical speeds. 

A 4" Aluminum driveshaft is great for 3 main reasons:

1) Lighter than its steel counterpart. Less rotating mass is always a benefit. 

2) Ability to make driveshafts up to 72" center line of u-joint to centerline of u-joint. Often used to replace a 2-piece shaft with a 1-piece driveshaft. Huge weight savings when replacing a 2-piece with a 4" aluminum 1-piece driveshaft. 

3) 4"x.125" Aluminum driveshafts are very strong and have high critical speeds. The .125" wall thickness adds rigidity and strength over the thin .083" OEM wall thickness. 


Made using drawn seamless 6061-T6 driveline specific aluminum tubing, Neapco Gold Series solid-cross u-joints, and your choice of transmission slip yoke. As always, our custom driveshafts are built to order and high-speed balanced. 

If you are pushing high horsepower and/or racing your vehicle you may want to check out our: 

High-Performance 4"x.125" Aluminum Driveshaft w/Sonnax Chromoly Slip Yoke 


**DO NOT ORDER if your measurement is over 74"**

Free Shipping!


This driveshaft is available with the following slip yokes options:

3R-3-6081X: 27 Spline 3R Series (T350,700R,200R,4L60,T-56)

3-3-6081X: 27 Spline 1350 Series (T350,700R,200R,4L60,T-56)

2-3-12051X: 27 Spline 1330 Series (4L60E,4L65E,4L70E,4L75E)

3-3-4281X: 27 Spline 1350 Series (4L60E,4L65E,4L70E,4L75E)

2-3-5981X: 28 Spline 1330 Series (C4,AOD, T5)

2903-30: 30 Spline 7290 Series (727 TorqueFlight) +$20

2-3-6041X: 31 Spline 1330 Series (C6,FMX,Tremec TKO/TKX)

3503-314: 31 Spline 1350 Series (C6,FMX,Tremec TKO/TKX) +$28

3-3-2431X: 32 Spline 1310 Series (T400 *DOES NOT FIT T400 with threaded output shaft)

3-3-2431CB: 32 Spline 1350 Series (FITS threaded output shaft T400, 4L80E,6L80E)

3-3-5571X: 32 Spline 1350 Series (Non-threaded output shaft only: 4L80E,4L85E, 6L80E)

40021420: 32 Spline 1350 Series (NP 205, 208, 241, 243, 246, 261, 263) +$48


This driveshaft is available with the following rear u-joint series:


1330 Large Cup




4" Aluminum Driveshaft: Transmission Slip Yoke To U-Joint

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