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Lifted? Driveshaft vibrating? Of course it is... your stock driveshaft is too short!

Our GM 4x4 rear driveshaft is the solution for your Blazer driveshaft problems! This driveshaft is found in GM 4-wheel drive SUVs and Trucks that utilize a slip yoke into the rear of the transfercase. Found on NP 205, 208, 241, 243, 246, 261, and 263. 


Many of these applications use a 3R series u-joint (inside c-clip). Some later models, or diff swapped vehicles will use a 1350 series (outside snap ring 3 5/8" cap to cap). Later model 14-bolt diff swapped vehicles will utilize a 1410 series u-joint (outside snap ring 4 3/16" cap to cap).


Our shaft is made one of two ways:

1) 1350 series slip yoke and your choice of 3R or 1350 series u-joint at the differential. 

2) 1410 series slip yoke and 1410 series u-joint at the differential. (Additional $55)

Both are made with NEAPCO solid-cross u-joints, 3"x.083" DOM seamless tubing, and, as always, our shafts are heat-straightented and high-speed balanced to make sure you have a smooth ride. 


Some of these vehicles came with a 3.5" diameter shaft, and that can be replicated for an additional $60. This is necessary if your measurement from seal face to pinion yoke tip is greater than 58". 


If you don't see the options you need, reach out to us! We can build it. 


Please follow the measuring diagrams in the product images. 

*** Measure with the vehicle at ride height! Please be accurate down to the 1/16" of an inch *** 

Chevy Blazer, Jimmy, Suburban, K5, K10, K20, K1500, K2500 Rear Driveshaft

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