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Out with old, in with the new! This driveshaft fits Blazer, Jimmy, Suburban, K5, K10, K20 solid-axle trucks equiped with a flat companion flange on the front output of the transfercase. Often refered to as a "SAGINAW" CV, these driveshafts utilize a ball-and-segment centering system in the CV head that offers excellent articulation and longevity. Unfortunately the factory metal finespline didn't stand the test of time: they are notorious for having tons of play in the slip spline. 

Our driveshaft offers a true SAGINAW style CV head with solid cross 3R series u-joints paired with a modern 3.75" travel 16-spline glide coated spline and 1310 series solid-cross u-joint at the diff. Made with 2"x.120" DOM seamless tubing. Giving you more driveshaft travel and the fit/finish of modern components. 


The CV head can have the "stops" ground for more articulation and working angle. We reccomed doing this for 4.5" or greater lift heights. This costs an additional $35. 


Running a suspension setup that uses more driveshaft travel than 3.75"? Upgrade to a long-travel slip and spline for 6" or usable driveshaft travel: $45. Need even more than that? Talk to us about Agricultural slip/spline option. 


Running a D44 or D60 front diff? Upgrade the front joint from 1310 to 1350 for $30

Or go to full 1350 Flange CV to 1350 with this driveshaft here


*** Take your measurements on the vehicle with the suspension at ride height. Droop and Bump measurements encouraged for high-travel suspensions ***

Chevy: Blazer, Jimmy, Suburban, Solid-Axle Truck K5, K10, K20 Front Driveshaft

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