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Ditch that facotry tired 2-piece driveshaft for the ultimate F250/F350 SuperDuty one-piece aluminum driveshaft upgrade! Eliminate carrier bearing issues and launch shutters caused by two-piece steel driveshafts. This shaft is built using 1480 series u-joints which is a size up in joint size for most years of these trucks. These shafts have been proven in trucks pushing over 1,200 HP. 


This shaft is geared towards F250 and F350 SuperDuty trucks with 4-bolt flanges on both the transfer case and pinion side of the driveshaft. This become the consistent norm for these trucks in roughly 2002 and newer. If you have a single 1410 series u-joint with a pinion yoke style differential, we can easily accomodate; please contact us. 


Our one-piece aluminum driveshaft is made using the highest quality componenets available:

-5"x.125" 6061-T6 Seamless Arcronic Tubing 

-NEAPCO 1480 Series Solid-Cross U-joints 

-SONNAX 1480 Series Yokeshaft/Sleeve System

-Forged Aluminum Weld Yoke


Combine these components with our craftsmanship, attention to detail, and high-speed balancing and you get a driveshaft that will provide strength and reliability for years to come. Each shaft is built to order based on your measurement to ensure a perfect fit every time. These shafts ship for free!


PLEASE READ: Check for clearance issues before order, installing, and running this driveshaft. For most years, the factory two-piece shafts were 3.5" diameter tubes. Going to this 5" Aluminum shaft will lose 3/4" of clearance around the factory tube. Carrier bearing brackets will most need to be removed to ensure they do not rub or dent the aluminum shaft. 


F250/F350 4x4 One-Piece Aluminum Driveshaft: Flange to Flange

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