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Spent all that money and put in hours of blood, sweat, and tears? Make sure all that HORSE POWER makes it to the wheels with our HIGH-PERFORMANCE line of driveshafts!

This 3" x .083" seamless DOM steel driveshaft is made with the strongest components available.

The Sonnax chromoly transmission slip yoke will keep you from twisting any splines under those hard launches. The all new Neapco Performance Series 1350 solid cross u-joints (the strongest iteration of a u-joint to date) will give you superior strength and durability under the extra heat and stress of racing. 

Our 3" Driveshaft will carry you to the 950 HP mark.

Made here in the USA; tubing, u-joints, and chromoly slip yoke. 



This shaft is available with the following slip yoke options:

1) T3-3-5571HP: 32 Spline for 4L80E and 4L85E without threaded output shaft

2) T3-3-2431HP: 32 Spline for TH400 without threaded output shaft

3) T3-3-2431CBHP: 32 Spline for 4L80, 4L85, and TH400 with threaded output shaft

4) T3-3-6081HP: 27 Spline for T350, 700R, 200R, T-56, 4L60, powerglide

5) T3-3-4281HP: 27 Spline for 4L60E, 4L65E, 4L75E

7) T3-3-2491HP: 31 Spline for C6, FMX, Toploader 4 spd, Tremec TKO

8) T3-3-8251HP: 28 Spline for C4, T5, AOD

9) T3-3-14061HP: 28 Spline for 4R70W

10) T3-3-3931HP: 30 Spline for 727, A833, Tremec with 30 Spline


U-Joint series front and rear is 1350. Substitutions can be made by special request for the rear u-joint, but strength will be lost as that joint size decreases. 

High-Performance 3" Steel Driveshaft: 1350 Series w/SONNAX Chromoly Slip Yoke

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