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This is a high-performance one-piece aluminum BMW driveshaft eliminates the weak and non-servicable 2-piece factory shaft. These shafts are capable holding 1,000+ HP in BMWs. We utilize the best fitting and strongest components to build these shafts so that you can put that power to the wheels with confidence. 

Our high-performance BMW 1-piece driveshafts are made with solid-cross 1350 series NEAPCO u-joints, forged 3-2-119 flanges on both ends, and the SONNAX yokeshaft/sleeve unit. Each shaft is high-speed balanced to give you smooth operation through your entire power-band. 


*Please Note* 

1) This shaft requires the use of adapters on both the transmission or transfer case and on the differential. Almost all aftermarket adapters for BMW components are designed to fit the 3-2-119 flange pattern. We are currently working on our own adapters, but in the meantime we are more than happy to help you source them from trusted manufacturers. 

2) You may have to remove or manipulate heat sheilds or other components for clearance. 


If you have an 8.8 swap in your BMW, please let us know as we can accomodate with the appropriate flange. As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions; we are here to help!

High-Performance One-Piece 3.5" Aluminum BMW Driveshaft

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