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Full Torque Driveshafts custom Long Travel Toyota Driveshaft. This shaft is built with 1310 series NEAPCO solid-cross u-joints and a long-travel slip and spline. The long-travel slip/spline combo gives you 6" of usable driveshaft travel. Made with 2.5"x.083" DOM tubing. 


Please provide us a minimum of 2 of the following flange to flange measurements: Full Compression (bump), Ride Height, and Droop. On leaf spring suspensions, it is easiest to get ride height and full droop. Refer to measurement diagram in the product photos. 


Available with the following flanges: 

2-2-799-1: 60mm x 60mm SQUARE pattern 

2-2-01902: 66mm x 66mm SQUARE pattern 


*OPTIONAL UPGRADE TO 2.5"x.250" DOM Tubing* +$155

.250" wall driveshafts are for OFF-ROAD USE ONLY. Using a heavy-wall shaft onroad may casue serious vibration probems, catastrophic failure, and/or damage to other components of your vehicle.


Long Travel Toyota Driveshaft: 1310 Series

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