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Spicer 5-811X Life Series™ 7290 u-joint.

For use on Dodge applications with 7290 series u-joints.


Distance between inner faces of yokes where clips seat: 2.625″

Cap diameter: 1.125″

Inside snap rings “C-clips” (included)

Non Greasable u-joint from Dana Spicer. Forged and heat treated with the best u-joint design on the market. Solid cross for extra strength. Multiple layered seals keep dirt and water out, allowing for a longer lifespan. Thrust washers in the caps prevent metal on metal wear and reduce heat. These u-joints come pre-greased and will not need to be serviced in their lifetime. No more messy grease fittings.

Spicer 5-811X 7290 Series U-Joint

SKU: 5-811X
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